Doubling Lessons

I specialize in woodwind doubling. I understand what it takes to play more than one instrument proficiently and effectively. I can explain the similarities and differences between the instruments and help you determine the most effective practice routine.

I’ve helped countless students pick up additional instruments. There are a number of reasons for taking up another instrument, but whatever the reasons, I can help you achieve your goals!

What Doubling Lessons will cover:

  • What is Doubling and Why Double?
  • How to Practice Doubling
  • Suggestions and Tips to Help You
  • Exercises, Literature, Songs, and Improv to do on the different instruments.
  • Doubling Logistics – Reeds, Set-ups, maintenance, etc.

Doublers Resources – Books, Blogs, and Websites

  • Doublers Collective –
  • Bret Pimentel – fantastic resource on all things woodwind doubling, including links, posts, info on doubling and doublers, etc –
  • Improve Your Doubling – Advanced Studies for Doublers (Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute) by Chris Vadala


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